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57+ Cities that start with V letter

Cities that start with V letter are found all over the world, from Europe to Asia to North America. These cities offer a wide variety of attractions, from historical landmarks to natural beauty to vibrant cultural scenes.

Some of the most popular cities that start with V include Venice, Italy; Vancouver, Canada; and Vienna, Austria.

Venice is known for its canals, which wind through the city’s historic center. Vancouver is a major port city with stunning scenery, including Stanley Park and the North Shore Mountains. Vienna is the capital of Austria and is home to a number of world-class museums and art galleries.

Other cities that start with V include Vadodara, India; Virginia Beach, Virginia; and Visakhapatnam, India. Vadodara is a major city in India with a rich history and culture.

Virginia Beach is a popular beach destination in the United States. Visakhapatnam is a major city in India with a beautiful coastline.

No matter what your interests are, you’re sure to find a city that starts with V that’s perfect for you. So next time you’re planning a trip, be sure to consider one of these amazing cities.

List of Cities That Start With V

Venice Beach
Virginia Beach
Venice, Florida

Explanation of Cities Start With V


The capital city of Malta. Valletta is a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its Baroque architecture, narrow streets, and historic landmarks. It was built by the Knights of St. John in the 16th century and is one of the most densely populated cities in Europe.


A city in northeastern Italy built on canals. Venice is known for its romantic atmosphere, gondola rides, and historical landmarks. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.


A city in northeastern Italy. Verona is known for its romantic atmosphere, Shakespearean connections, and Roman ruins. The city is home to the Verona Arena, a Roman amphitheater that is still used for performances today.

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A UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Philippines. Vigan is known for its well-preserved Spanish colonial architecture. The city is located in the Ilocos region of the Philippines and was founded in the 16th century.

Venice Beach

A beach city in Los Angeles County, California. Venice Beach is known for its canals, boardwalk, and eccentric atmosphere. The city is home to a number of artists and performers, and is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike.


A port city in central Chile. Valparaiso is known for its colorful houses, steep hills, and historic architecture. The city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is home to a number of museums and art galleries.


The capital of Austria. Vienna is known for its rich history, beautiful architecture, and world-class museums. The city is home to the Hofburg Palace, the Schönbrunn Palace, and the Kunsthistorisches Museum.

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Virginia Beach

A major city in the U.S. state of Virginia. Virginia Beach is known for its beaches, boardwalk, and attractions such as the Oceanfront amusement park.


A city in southeastern Turkey. Van is known for its historic lake, Mount Ararat, and the Van Museum.


The capital of Lithuania. Vilnius is known for its Baroque architecture, including the Vilnius Cathedral and the Presidential Palace.

Venice, Florida

A city in Florida. Venice is known for its canals, which are similar to those in Venice, Italy.


A city in central Sweden. Västerås is known for its historic castle, the Västerås Cathedral, and the Vasa Museum.

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A city in northern France. Valenciennes is known for its historic center, including the Valenciennes Cathedral and the Musée des Beaux-Arts.

United States Cities Starting with V

Vancouver (Washington)

Vancouver, Washington, is a pleasant city on the Columbia River. It has a lot of history and looks lovely with the surrounding landscape. Fort Vancouver is a unique location that tells historical stories.

People in this town like a combination of old and new items. Mount Hood, a large peak close to Portland, Oregon, may be seen. Vancouver is a busy city with lots of interesting things to do and see.

Vallejo (California)

Vallejo is a city in California, not Washington. It’s known for its history, diverse community, and cool waterfront. A while back, it was even the capital of California.

People like it for its interesting past and the stuff to do by the water. If you’re thinking of a different place in Washington, just let me know!

Ventura (California)

Ventura, a cool city in California, sits by the beautiful Pacific Ocean. It’s known for its relaxed vibe, pretty beaches, and a downtown with old-time charm. People love to surf here and check out whales. The city is close to the Channel Islands National Park, perfect for outdoor adventures.

Ventura is also big on artsy stuff, with festivals and art shows happening often. It’s a friendly place, great for both locals and folks dropping by.

Visalia (California)

Visalia is a lively city in California’s San Joaquin Valley. It’s famous for its farms and history. People live both in the city and the countryside. Visalia is an important place for business and has a downtown area. It’s close to Sequoia National Park, a beautiful natural spot.

The streets have lots of trees, and there are events that celebrate the city’s culture and history. Whether you like modern things or want a connection to nature, Visalia has both!

Victoria (Texas)

Victoria, sometimes known as the “City of Gardens,” is the capital of the Canadian state of British Columbia. It is located on Vancouver Island and boasts cool historic buildings as well as amazing gardens such as the famed Butchart Gardens.

People appreciate visiting the Royal BC Museum and taking in the coastal atmosphere. The city is rich in history, wonderful food, and outdoor activities. Victoria is a welcoming city that showcases the best of Canada’s west coast.

Vineland (New Jersey)

Vineland is located in southern New Jersey and is home to a diverse population. It began as a special the village in the 1860s and has since grown into an energetic town. Because the soil is excellent for agricultural, there are numerous farms.

Vineland is a diversified community with residents from all backgrounds. There are historic landmarks from the beginning, unique community spaces, and a mix of city and country views.

Vineland is unique in that it has a little bit of everything: history, different people, and interesting places.

Vacaville (California)

Vacaville is located in Northern California, between San Francisco and Sacramento, making it a pleasant destination. There are people from various walks of life who live there, making it an active community. More people are moving in, resulting in a mix of city and suburban living.

Andrews Park is a pleasant spot to visit, as is the Nut Tree for shopping and entertainment. Vacaville is a unique and rising city in California, thanks to its convenient location, diverse population, and cool attractions.

Vero Beach (Florida)

Vero Beach, Florida, is a cool east coast city. There are residents from all walks of life, from pensioners to families and young professionals. The atmosphere is laid-back, which is ideal for beach living.

The McKee Botanical Garden, which is full with magnificent flora, is a well-known attraction. The beaches, particularly South Beach Park, are extremely popular for relaxing.

Vero Beach is a hidden treasure on Florida’s Treasure Coast, noted for its laid-back charm and amazing locations to visit.

Victorville (California)

Victorville, California, is in a fantastic location in the Victor Valley area. People from many backgrounds live there, making it a diverse and engaging environment. Many people like to live there since it is inexpensive.

The California Route 66 Museum is a cool museum that celebrates the history of the renowned highway. Victorville is also situated by the gorgeous High Desert region, which offers plenty of outdoor activities. It’s an energetic town that combines modern living with ties to history and nature.

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