135+ Plants that Start With I letter -

135+ Plants that Start With I letter

Plants That Start With I

The letter I is a versatile letter that can be used to create a variety of plant names. From the colorful ice plant to the hardy Iceland poppy, there are many plants that start with the letter I that are sure to add beauty and interest to any garden.

A letter I is an interesting letter when it comes to plant names. There are several unique and diverse plant species that begin with the letter ‘I’, each with its own distinct characteristics and contributions to horticulture.

From iconic flowering plants to versatile herbs and foliage varieties, exploring the world of plants that start with ‘I’ reveals a fascinating array of options for gardeners and botanical enthusiasts.

Explanation of Plants Beginning with I

Ice plant (Delosperma Cooperi)

A kind of evergreen plant from South Africa is called an ice plant, or succulent. It gets its name from its ice-cube-like stems and thick, meaty leaves. Since they require little maintenance and can withstand drought, ice plants are a popular option for indoor and outdoor landscaping.

Their colors range from blue to green to purple to pink, and they can reach a height of two feet. The fragrant blossoms of ice plants, which come in pink, purple, and white hues, are another characteristic of these plants.

Indian blanket (Gaillardia Pulchella)

Indian blanket (Gaillardia pulchella) is a perennial wildflower with bright orange and yellow flowers. It is easy to grow and blooms from early summer to fall. The Indian blanket is a good choice for borders or cut flowers. It is also a popular choice for butterfly gardens.

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Iceland poppy (Papaver nudicaule)

Iceland poppies, a hardy perennial flowering plant in the Papaveraceae family, are often referred to as globe flowers or Eidelweiss. They are indigenous to Asia, North America, Europe’s highlands, and the Arctic.

Iceland poppies have enormous, spectacular flowers that can range in color from orange-red to pink to white in clusters that grow to a height of 30 to 60 cm. They have gained popularity in rock gardens and alpine settings because of their remarkable capacity to survive in hard, rocky environments.

Italian aster (Aster amellus)

Italian asters are perennial herbaceous plants that reach a height of 30 to 60 cm. They are often referred to as spreading asters or ragucellino.

Its purple or blue-violet flowers with white centers, which bloom from late spring to fall, are what make this plant, which comes originally from Italy, distinctive. The plant needs full sun and well-draining soil, and its fluffy, lobed leaves are its favorites.

It is a popular choice for attractive borders and gardens, and because of its spreading growth habit and diminutive size, it may be grown in containers. In addition, the plant is well-recognized for attracting pollinators such as butterflies and bees.

Ivy geranium (Pelargonium peltatum)

Ivy geranium, also known as Pelargonium zonal foliage, is a hybrid plant that originated in South Africa around 1935. It is a hardy, evergreen perennial that produces small, intensely fragrant flowers.

The leaves are a deep tube-shaped green with purple-brown edges, while the flowers are a spectacular shade of red, pink, or white.

Ivy geranium is easy to care for and thrives in both sunny and shady locations. It can be trained to climb wires or trellises or grown as a bushy plant.

Indigo plant (Indigofera tinctoria)

Popular as an ornamental plant, indigo is distinguished by its distinct blue or purple hue. It is a member of the Tetragoniaceae family, which is also made up of plants like duckweed and water lettuce. Indigo plants can reach a height of two feet and have leaves shaped like hearts.

They favor full sun over partial shade, as well as moist soil. Indigo plants don’t need any special care and are comparatively easy to maintain. In your garden, they can be cultivated as a stand-alone plant or as a border plant.

Impatiens (Impatiens balsamina)

Popular blooming plants like impatiens are grown for their vivid, brilliant blossoms. It is a popular bedding plant that is also referred to as an active Lizzie.

The plant produces an abundance of blooms in shades of pink, purple, red, orange, white, and yellow, and its leaves are rounded and lobed.

Well-drained soil and either full sun or light shade are preferred by Impatiens plants. They are a fantastic option for novices or people with little gardening expertise because they are simple to maintain.

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Iris (Iris spp.)

One kind of perennial flowering plant that is grown for its lovely, fragrant blossoms is the iris plant. Iris plants come in more than 300 types and can be blue, purple, white, or even have pink or yellow undertones.

Iris plants are a wonderful addition to any garden because of their thick foliage and resilience. They can be cultivated in a range of forms and sizes, from larger bearded irises that can grow up to three feet tall to tiny irises that only measure a few inches. Iris plants have incredibly beautiful flowers that bloom in groups of three to five on tall stems.

List of Plant Beginning with I

PlantScientific Name
Illawarra flameBrachychiton acerifolius
Indian head gingerCostus spicatus
Indian birthwortAristolochia acuminata
Indian goosegrassEleusine indica
Indian spurgeEuphorbia neriifolia
Intoxicating yamDioscorea hispida
Indian long pepperPiper longum
Indian cherryCordia dichotoma
Indian snakerootRauvolfia serpentina
Indian rosewoodDalbergia latifolia
Indian banyanFicus benghalensis
Inai inaiErythroxylum cuneatum
Indian rubber vineCryptostegia grandiflora
Ivory cane palmPinanga coronata
irvingiawild mango
Indian screwHelicteres isora
Indian hawthornRhaphiolepis indica
Imperial hoyaHoya imperialis
Indian privetVolkameria inermis
icacoChrysobalanus icaco
Indian PipeMonotropa uniflora
Indian turnsoleHeliotropium indicum
IbulOrania sylvicola
Indian stringbushWikstroemia indica
Indian rubberFicus elastica
IberisIberis virginica
Indian CressTropaeolum majus
Indian cork-treeMillingtonia hortensis
Ilexsycamore Fig
iron PlantAspidistra elatior
Indian River MangroveAegiceras corniculatum
Indian RhubarbDarmera peltata
Indian MelonCucumis melo
Indian MintColeus amboinicus
IdesiaIdesia polycarpa
IlliciumIllicium verum
InulaInula britannica Linnaeus
Indian PaintbrushCastilleja
IsoplexisDigitalis canariensis
Indian ShotCanna indica
ibolium privetLigustrum spp
Imperata cylindricaPurple flag
ilama treeAnnona diversifolia
Ilex coeruleaBlue holly
ipomoeaIpomoea batatas
Ilex paraguariensisHolly tree
Impatiens wallisiiBusy lizzie
Iris pseudoturculosaGlobe lily
inga edulisIce Cream Bean
Ilicium parviflorumAzalea
Irish MossSagina subulata
Italian BuglossAnchusa azurea


Finally, plants that begin with the letter “I” include a wide variety of species, including the well-known iris, impatiens, ivy, and many others. This variety highlights the richness of the plant kingdom and the value of diversity in our natural world. As we continue to discover and enjoy these “I” plants, we get a better knowledge of the botanical world’s beauty and complexity.

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