15 Vegetables that Start with U: Utopia on Your Plate: -

15 Vegetables that Start with U: Utopia on Your Plate:

Vegetable start with U are a diverse group of plants that offer a variety of flavors, textures, and nutritional benefits. From the sweet and purple ube to the peppery upland cress, there is a vegetable that starts with U for everyone to enjoy.

List of Vegetables that Start with U

  • Ube
  • Udupi Mattu Gulla Eggplant
  • Ulluco
  • Upland Cress
  • Urad Bean
  • Umbrella Squash
  • Ukrainian Heart Tomato
  • Upo (Bottle Gourd)
  • Uguisu
  • Urfa Pepper
  • Unripe Banana
  • Unsalted Peanuts
  • Unsalted Sunflower Seeds
  • Ugni
  • Ulva

Explanation of Vegetable Start with U

Ube Halaya

Ube is a root vegetable with a distinctive dark purple skin and bright purple flesh. Purple yams, or ube, are colorful tubers that are used in cooking.

It is used in both savory and sweet dishes by people in Southeast Asia, particularly in the Philippines.

It is a bright purple color and tastes sweet and nutty. It can be found in savory pastries and desserts like jam and ice cream. It has recently gained popularity in other global regions as well.

Udupi Mattu Gulla Eggplant

Udupi Mattu Gulla Eggplant is a special type of eggplant from Udupi, Karnataka, India. It’s known for its unique flavor and is popular in South Indian dishes.

The eggplant has a bright green color and is variety of cooking. People appreciate it for its delicious taste, and it’s an important part of local cuisine.

This eggplant is famous for its quality and special qualities that make it stand out in recipes.

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Ulluco is a lesser-known veggie from the Andes, similar to small, colorful potatoes. It comes in red, yellow, and orange, offering a crisp texture and slightly tangy flavor.

People use it in salads or cook it as a side dish. Packed with nutrients, ulluco is a special Andean crop gaining attention for its unique qualities and potential as a healthy food source.

Ulluco is a good source of vitamins and minerals, including potassium, calcium, and iron.

Upland Cress

Upland cress is a peppery leafy green, kind of like watercress but grown on dry land. People use it in salads, sandwiches, or as a tasty garnish because it has a slightly spicy flavor.

It’s part of the mustard family and adds a zesty kick to your dishes.

Urad Bean

Urad beans, also called black gram or urad dal, are little black beans used a lot in South Asian cooking. They’re in dishes like dal makhani and idli/dosa batter.

These beans are full of protein and have a mild, nutty taste, making them a common and tasty ingredient in many recipes.

Umbrella Squash

Umbrella Squash is a type of squash that is native to South America. It has a distinctive umbrella-shaped appearance and a sweet, nutty flavor. Umbrella squash can be baked, roasted, or steamed.

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Ukrainian Heart Tomato

The Ukrainian Heart Tomato is a special type of tomato from Ukraine. It stands out with its big, heart-shaped and red fruits. People like it because it has a sweet taste and is meaty.

It’s popular among gardeners and those who enjoy tasty tomatoes. This unique tomato is well-loved for its shape and delicious flavor, making it a great choice for cooking or growing in gardens.

Upo (Bottle Gourd)

Upo, or bottle gourd, is a mild and flexible veggie used in many dishes. It’s shaped like a long bottle, with light green skin and white inside.

Popular in Asian cooking, it adds a fresh taste to soups and stir-fries. Upo is known for its high water content and health benefits.

People love using it in both sweet and savory recipes because it’s easy to use in different dishes.


Uguisu is called perilla or shiso in English. It’s a tasty herb used in Asian cooking, especially in Japan, Korea, and Vietnam.

People use its leaves fresh or pickled in salads, sushi, and other dishes. The leaves can be green or red, and they bring a unique flavor to the food.

It’s an essential ingredient in many Asian recipes.

Urfa Pepper

Urfa pepper, or Isot pepper, is a Turkish spice made from dried red peppers. It has a smoky, earthy flavor with moderate heat. The peppers are cured with salt, garlic, and spices, then sun-dried, giving them a distinctive taste.

Widely used in Middle Eastern cooking, Urfa pepper adds depth to both meat and vegetable dishes, making them more flavorful.

Unripe Banana

When cooked as vegetables, unripe bananas are green and not sweet. They’re excellent with spicy dishes like soups and chips because they’re firm and absorb flavors.

Their flavor is not as strong as that of ripe bananas. They are used in a variety of cuisines, suggesting adaptability in both spicy and sweet recipes.

Unsalted Peanuts

Unsalted peanuts have a naturally nutty flavor; they are seeds, not veggies. They work well with both spicy and sweet recipes and are not prepared with salt.

They can be used as a snack or in baking and cooking. These nutritious peanuts are high in protein, healthy fats, and vital nutrients.

Their versatility and nutritious nature make them a popular choice for a variety of recipes.

Unsalted Sunflower Seeds

Unsalted sunflower seeds are the edible parts of sunflowers without added salt. They’re a healthy snack, full of good fats and nutrients.

Since they’re unsalted, they have a natural taste. You can eat them on their own, toss them in salads, or use them in recipes.

These seeds are a tasty and nutritious option for anyone looking for a straightforward and unseasoned snack.

Ugni Molinae

Ugni, or Chilean guava, is a small fruit from South America. It’s sweet and tart, loaded with antioxidants. People use it in jams, jellies, and drinks because of its unique taste.

It’s also great in desserts and cocktails. Even though it’s originally from South America, more and more people around the world are discovering and enjoying this tasty and healthy fruit.

Ulva: Sea Lettuce

Sea lettuce, scientifically called Ulva, is a type of green algae found in oceans globally. It looks like thin, almost transparent sheets and grows in shallow coastal waters.

Many sea creatures eat it because it’s full of nutrients. Some people even eat it, either raw or cooked, as it’s good for you and has a mild taste.

Sea lettuce plays an essential role in the ocean’s balance and is also a healthy food option.


Umibudo, also known as sea grapes, is a type of seaweed native to Okinawa, Japan. Consider tiny green bubbles that burst with a salty flavor when you bite into them.

They are popular in salads and as a tasty decoration. Umibudo is not only delicious but also healthy. Even outside of Japan, it has become popular among foodies who enjoy trying out new and unusual flavors.


Vegetables beginning with the letter ‘U’ bring a variety of flavors and cultural influences. Each flavor, from the vibrant Ube to the adaptable Ulluco, is distinct.

The Udupi Mattu Gulla Eggplant is popular in Indian cuisine, and the Urfa Pepper adds a smoky flavor. Whether you’re looking for Japanese Umibudo or Chilean Ugni berries, these ‘U’ vegetables promise a diverse and delicious cooking journey.

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