Who will lead PennWest University? (Next President) -

Who will lead PennWest University? (Next President)

On Monday, the university trustees gave the green light to a committee responsible for finding a new president to take over from Lorraine Bernotsky. She has been serving as the interim president of PennWest for the past year and will officially start her role as the president of West Chester University on July 1.

The committee leading the search is made up of 25 members, which is larger than the typical search committees in the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education.

PennWest University

This is because representatives from various groups, including trustees, faculty, staff, students, alumni, and unions, have each appointed three members to ensure that the Edinboro, Clarion, and California campuses are well-represented in the search process.

In July 2022, Edinboro, Clarion, and California universities were merged to create a new institution called Pennsylvania Western University.

We got permission from the PASSHE chancellor’s office to expand our search committee, making it more inclusive of the three campuses and ensuring everyone’s opinions are considered, explained Kathy Pape, Chairwoman of the PennWest Council of Trustees. Pape, who represents the Edinboro campus, is one of five trustees on the 15-member Council of Trustees.

Larry Maggi, the search committee Chairman representing the California campus, expressed, “We’re embarking on a unique journey, choosing a president for three campuses and their communities. It’s something new and different.”

The committee will collaborate with consultants from Greenwood Asher & Associates in Florida to review applicants. They will then present two finalists’ names to the PASSHE Board of Governors and Chancellor Dan Greenstein. The Board of Governors will be responsible for appointing the new president.

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About Penn West University

Pennsylvania Western University, also known as PennWest, is the second-largest university in western Pennsylvania. It consists of three closely connected institutions with rich history, traditions, and a strong commitment to academic excellence. PennWest reflects the best of the past while promising a bright future.

Pennsylvania Western University (PennWest for short) combines the strengths of California, Clarion, and Edinboro universities, creating a unified institution with three exciting campuses.

PennWest University

With 165 years of tradition and excellence, our campuses maintain their unique identities as the Vulcans, Golden Eagles, and Fighting Scots.

No matter which campus you choose, you’ll be part of a welcoming and diverse community. From leadership and sports to cultural activities and clubs, there’s something for everyone. Our goal is to provide you with a vibrant college experience where you truly belong.

At PennWest, students have more course options, faculty support, and hands-on learning opportunities than ever before. Whether you prefer in-person, hybrid, or online classes, we’ve got you covered. We also offer financial aid and personal attention to help you achieve your educational goals.

As a student, you’ll have the chance to explore academic programs tailored to your needs. Visit our academic page to discover the degrees offered at PennWest and the innovative ways we deliver education.

We invite you to schedule a visit to any of our three campuses to learn more about the exciting opportunities awaiting you at PennWestern University.

PennWest University

Pennsylvania Western University is a blend of California, Clarion, and Edinboro universities, along with a Global Online division. Located in Western Pennsylvania, its physical campuses cover 160 miles from north to south. Each of the three regional public institutions has a history spanning over 150 years.

This style guide pays homage to the past by incorporating campus colors and wordmarks, while also creating a fresh identity for the unified university that leverages our combined strengths.

It visually represents who we are as we grow, adapt, and innovate to ensure we continue serving students for generations to come.

PennWest University Colors (Brand Style):

The colors we chose for PennWest were carefully picked to reflect the rich history and traditions of our three founding universities. We wanted to create a fresh and lively color scheme using blue, red, and gold, which symbolize our shared values.

PennWest Blue stands for authority, reliability, and trust.

PennWest Red represents passion, energy, and excitement.

PennWest Gold signifies courage, compassion, and wisdom.

Our accredited institution is officially named “Pennsylvania Western University,” but in our marketing materials and everyday communications, we prefer to use “PennWest University.”

When writing it, remember to keep “PennWest University” together without a space, even if it’s in all caps like “PENNWEST.” Save the use of “Pennsylvania Western University” for more formal academic materials and events like Commencement ceremonies.

For More Details :

PennWest University Campus Life:

Your new home at Pennsylvania Western University is designed to be a cozy and welcoming place, whether you stay in a residence hall or commute from home.

There are three beautiful campuses to choose from, each located in a charming town. You can pick a campus by the lakeside or one that stretches along a river.

Even though each campus has its own unique vibe, they all share the same goal of providing you with an excellent education and a great overall experience, both inside and outside the classrooms.

PennWest University

As a student at Pennsylvania Western University, you get the chance to take classes from professors at any of the campuses. You’ll also have access to a variety of shared resources and support programs, clubs, sports, and more. Explore what each campus has to offer and make the most of your time here!


At PennWest California, top-notch education is just the start. Our campus spans 294 acres along the Monongahela River, less than an hour from the vibrant city of Pittsburgh. Enjoy the arts, culture, sports, and business connections nearby.

Our excellent housing provides independence and comfort in roomy halls or apartments. Join over 100 student clubs and organizations, and cheer for our 18 NCAA Division II athletic teams. Does this sound like your ideal place?


Are you searching for a place that helps you ease into college, encourages you to become more independent, and gives you chances to connect with the community? Welcome to PennWest Clarion! It’s not just about getting a degree here; it’s about creating a life.

Pick from over 150 student groups, cheer for our sports teams, or enjoy the lovely trails and outdoor fun along the Clarion River and Cook Forest State Park. Can you see yourself being a part of this?


Picture yourself on a gorgeous campus by a lake, surrounded by people who share your interests and others who can offer fresh perspectives. Worried about fitting in? Don’t be! There are over 140 student clubs and groups, including the Student Government Association, faith-based clubs, sports teams, and service groups.

Last spring, the Edinboro Greek community raised over $4,000 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in a fun dodgeball night. Does this sound like the perfect place for you?

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